What Does Kang the Conqueror’s Time Wielding Ability Mean for the Future of the MCU and Multiverse?

Kang the Conqueror, the main antagonist in the upcoming film, Antman and the Wasp: Quantamania will be the most dangerous villain to the MCU and Multiverse.

Since 2007, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen its large share of evil organizations and powerful villains throughout the years, but none have yet been more dangerous than Kang the Conqueror and that has major implications for the entire multiverse. 

While the trailer for Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania is all the context of Kang’s role at the moment, he is seemingly trapped in the Quantum Realm without his ability to travel through space and time, but the character is also set to be the antagonist of the entire MCU, when Avengers The Kang Dynasty releases, which implies his story does not end in the Quantum Realm.

Time is the Key

Kang’s main source of power and threat to the MCU is in simple terms, time travel, something that fans are plenty familiar with at this point thanks to the events of Avengers: Endgame. He has the ability to not just travel time, but change it, something Thanos was able to do in a limited capacity thanks to the time stone. However, Kang is a much bigger threat than Thanos ever could be, because he doesn’t need a stone to manipulate time. He relies solely on his technology that is far more advanced than anything the MCU has seen to date, making Stark’s tech comparable to baby toys, and essentially, Kang has unlimited access to this tech, a factor that is incredibly concerning for anyone, hero or villain alike.

Killing such a threat like Kang would also yield no solutions because someone in control of time could never really die. Theoretically there will always be a version of Kang, whether the exact version or a variant, that could replace or continue the cause of the original Kang. He is, in essence, immortal.

Kang Will Impact the Multiverse

The Loki series, on Disney Plus, introduced the multiverse through “He Who Remains”, a variant of Kang, a concept that has been the underlying theme of Phase 4. Kang’s direct access to time travel means big consequences for the Avengers and Multiverse. He is a being that could single handedly eliminate a timeline or even bring many together as the events of Avengers: Secret Wars could be suggesting, after The Kang Dynasty

Groups like the Fantastic Four and X-Men have been teased within the MCU through cameos and easter eggs, but the most direct route to their introductions could be through Kang himself. Imagine Kang reforming the many timelines and universes to his desire, which paves the way for many other stories from the Marvel comic lore for Phases five and six. This makes Kang not only powerful and dangerous, but an important role to Marvel’s multiverse going forward.

There is no telling how many variants of Kang will be popping up throughout the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, but one certainty is that some form of the time traveling conqueror will make huge waves upon the future of these characters, for better or worse, and show viewers why he is more dangerous than any Marvel villain that audiences have seen to date.