47 Meters Down: Uncaged Review

By Steven Redgrave

This review was written for Pop Culture Leftovers (PCL) and is featured as a Critic Review for PCL on Rotten Tomatoes. PCL was kind enough to allow me to showcase this review on my own website, but I encourage everyone to visit their site for reviews by other writers, and the Pop Culture Leftovers Podcast for which they are primarily known.

After moving to a coastal city in Mexico, Mia (Sophie Nélisse) tags along with her sister, Sasha (Corinne Foxx), and her two new friends, Alexa (Brianne Tju) and Nicole (Sistine Rose Stallone) as they sneak into a recently discovered Mayan city beneath the water.… Keep reading

Bonus Content

Our Red Wedding

I know what you are thinking, but I can assure you that this “Red Wedding” played out much differently than that of Game of Thrones. Everyone who attended is still very much alive, at least, as far as we know.

It’s been over 3 months now since I married the love of my life. Everything has finally died down. It is all done and we can enjoy the memories of our weekend with our friends and family that we hold dear.

Before the calm, we consistently got similar comments of just how much people enjoyed the wedding.… Keep reading