Doom Annihilation Review

When a research facility on Phobos, a moon orbiting Mars, sends a distress call and a marine squad is sent in with orders to investigate the situation, what appears to be a routine mission, turns into a much larger task as they unravel more than expected or prepared for.

Unrelated to Doom (2005), Doom: Annihilation (2019) follows similar premise, but unfortunately does not live up to the original. However, given the lower budget and scope for this film, it does succeed at delivering an enjoyable small story for what it ends up being, despite being filled with overly predictable plot points, stereotypical characters, and mediocre CGI.

The quality of this movie fits best between a Syfy Channel and Netflix Original film. Maybe that’s why even ID Software wanted to keep distance from this adaptation of their long loved game franchise. Doom: Annihilation does have some redeemable qualities though.

While the CGI, at times, looked underwhelming, practical effects were also used throughout the film. These scenes, surprisingly, gave a much more realistic feel to the enemies in action scenes and looked better than the CGI. 

As far as the story went, it was extremely simple and even gave a formula similar to that of level progression in a video game, which doesn’t seem surprising given this movie is based on a popular game franchise. It also delivers a large dose of subtle fan service with items as simple as color-coated security key cards or a massive weapon deemed a “BFG”. Feel free to look up the initial’s true meaning.   
Doom: Annihilation reinforces the notion that video game adaptations do not work in Hollywood, but in the end it was a fun time if you can take it for what it is. A ridiculous B movie…okay more like C+ movie. No need to see your way out if you can accept its low budget nature, otherwise I suggest the 2005 film to get your Doom film fix.