Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 Review

Curb Your Enthusiasm, one of HBO’s long standing comedy series, returned after a long hiatus with the tenth season and Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, takes on society with even more unwritten social rules that will not only entertain you, but probably have you thinking, “He’s not wrong”.

Centered around Larry’s post Seinfeld life, the show takes on socially awkward behaviors and unnecessary banter among longtime friends, while confronting bigger social topics in an humorously uncomfortable way.

Most notably, with the existence of the “Me Too” movement, Larry gets himself into a handful of misunderstandings that sparks a sexual harassment lawsuit, at the start of episode one, which then causes him to progress the dating life with the need for video documentation of consent. It goes exactly how you might imagine. Other scenarios follow his creation of the spite store, his solution to poor customer service at a local coffee shop and accidentally finding a benefit to wearing a Trump slogan hat. Don’t forget the debate on seat positioning etiquette at a restaurant. It sounds like a handful, but these topics all play out in a timely manner.

Saverio Guerra on Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 as Mocha Joe

Of course, this wouldn’t be Curb Your Enthusiasm without Larry approaching touchy subjects with awkward and direct accusations that have the audience yelling at him to stop talking. What works well with this show is the ability it has to tackle each unique topic, episode to episode, while tying them all together and becoming an overarching plot point that connects through the season. 

JB Smoove on Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 as Leon

All of your favorite cast members return including Jeff Garlin, as his manager and friend, JB Smoove as Leon, Larry’s roommate and friend, Richard Lewis, his longtime friend. Together they deliver the needed banter we grew to love with Larry. Suzie Essman, who plays Jeff’s wife, Ted Danson, and Larry’s ex-wife, played by Cheryl Hines, also make smaller appearances. All have a great dynamic with each other.

Kaitlin Olson on Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 as Becky, Cheryl’s sister

Beyond the core cast that defines this show, Curb has an astonishing amount of returning characters and cameos that will excite you, scene after scene. Kaitlin Olson, best known on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, returns as Cheryl’s sister. Making a big appearance is Jon Hamm, who studies Larry for an upcoming film based on a Larry like character. The comedy and chemistry between these two actors, just in a few episodes, is enough to warrant the immediate need for this fictional movie within the show to exist. 

Jon Hamm on Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 as Himself

Vince Vaughn also has a role as one of Larry’s golfing buddies, but he surprisingly doesn’t play himself, which seems odd when so many others play as their own likeness within the show, aside from the core cast. Other small cameos include Mila Kunis and Seth Rogen, that ties into the spite store. Among many others, this has probably been the best season of cameos yet.

Between the cringeworthy, but lovable casts and the overly uncomfortable situations they find themselves in, Curb Your Enthusiasm delivers a memorable tenth season, filled with great cameos, but be cautious of those fruit bowls.

Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10

Get ready to write down a new list of unwritten social rules, courtesy of Larry David, because it will be challenging to “curb your enthusiasm”, leading into season 10.