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Our Red Wedding

I know what you are thinking, but I can assure you that this “Red Wedding” played out much differently than that of Game of Thrones. Everyone who attended is still very much alive, at least, as far as we know.

It’s been over 3 months now since I married the love of my life. Everything has finally died down. It is all done and we can enjoy the memories of our weekend with our friends and family that we hold dear.

Before the calm, we consistently got similar comments of just how much people enjoyed the wedding.… Keep reading


Are Gamers Passing on E3’s Gamer Pass?

After all of the demo booths closed up and monitors were switched off at 6pm on the final day of E3 2019, it seemed like a typical wrap up to the annual gaming convention, which has now let in public attendees for the last three years. But as I took time to really reflect on the experience this year, something felt entirely different. It took me some time to pinpoint what exactly it was. As my wife and I were making our way out to the parking garage, it finally dawned on me: the attendance.… Keep reading

Sony’s Biggest Un-announcement for E3 2019

Sony has just made one of the biggest E3 announcements yet, in a manner of speaking. Months before the event, Sony stated that they will not be attending the upcoming E3 2019 showcase. This will be the first time in the Electronic Entertainment Expo’s history (24 years) that the company will not be representing the popular Playstation gaming brand at the conference. It has not only been an unexpected shock to the loyal gaming fans, but also to media outlets and influencers. I guess you could say that Sony created quite a “DualShock” of reactions in the gaming community.… Keep reading